DjangoCon Europe 2011

Amsterdam 2011

Talks Pakhuis de Zwijger

June 6th, 7th, 8th

Sprints De Waag

9th & 10th

Thanks, Amsterdam—DjangoCon Europe 2011 was a blast!
Join us next year in Switzerland for DjangoCon Europe 2012.

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Lightning Talk Submission

Submitted lightning talk proposals

These proposals where already submitted by your co-DjangoCon conspirators. Submit a lightning talk yourself downbelow

List of already submitted lightning talks

  1. Introducing Django REST framework - Tom Christie
  2. Summer of Code: Revised form rendering and its current state - Gregor Müllegger
  3. DjangoZoom - deploy your Django app in 30 seconds - Nate Aune
  4. Dynamic Forms - Roald de Vries
  5. PyCharm: IDE for Productive Django Development - Dmitry Jemerov
  6. Virtualizing Django - Run multiple sites on single Django instance - Peter Kese
  7. What I learned from Tomatoes - Erik Romijn
  8. Django Query Mixins for fun and profit - Zachary Voase
  9. JavaScript - Do It The Right Way - Angelo Dini
  10. Needle: Automated tests for your CSS - Ben Firshman
  11. How to make your frontend guys happy - Jonas Obrist
  12. - Jorge Bastida
  13. Semantics semantics semantics - things (nearly) every CMS should know - Daniele Procida
  14. Skills: technical hiring without resumes - Idan Gazit
  15. Making a Small Positive Difference - Steve Holden
  16. - - -
  17. gvmchuvajs - zcvjqsfnsc - slides

Propose a Lightning Talk

The talk submission deadline for regular talks was April 15th. If you missed the boat, we would love to see you do a lightning talk.

Lightning Talk Proposal

Lightning talks are:

  • Strict 5 minute presentations
  • Given at the end of the day
  • Presentations that don't necessarily fit in the main schedule

If you submit a lightning talk you will be invited by the lightning talk host of the day to do a presentation. People will be invited based on the order of who submitted first. Lightning talks will take place on Monday and Tuesday.


Check the box below to indicate your acceptance.