DjangoCon Europe 2011

Amsterdam 2011

Talks Pakhuis de Zwijger

June 6th, 7th, 8th

Sprints De Waag

9th & 10th

Thanks, Amsterdam—DjangoCon Europe 2011 was a blast!
Join us next year in Switzerland for DjangoCon Europe 2012.

This conference is made possible by…

Sprint registration is closed

We have no more room

If you wish to join please do so through IRC.

We have reached our limit for the sprint venue

We calculated a max. of 50% of conference participants to join in for the sprints. Historically around 25% of conference participants would join. It is great to see that this many sprinters will show up to help out! But unfortunately we cannot allow for more sprinters to participate due to safety regulations.

Important info

  • Sprints are open to those that have subscribed as a sprint participant. If you didn't subscribe to this list, please join us via IRC in #django-sprint on Freenode.
  • Sprint location is 'De Waag', for more info read the Venues page.
  • Sprint days are Thursday June 9th and Friday June 10th
  • Read information about Django sprints in general on the Django Project website