DjangoCon Europe 2011

Amsterdam 2011

Talks Pakhuis de Zwijger

June 6th, 7th, 8th

Sprints De Waag

9th & 10th

Thanks, Amsterdam—DjangoCon Europe 2011 was a blast!
Join us next year in Switzerland for DjangoCon Europe 2012.

This conference is made possible by…


DjangoCon Europe 2011 site back online!

Unfortunately our previous hosting service and sponsor, went offline on June 1st 2012. For historical reference the site has now been restored and is running on Heroku.

DjangoCon Europe videos posted

DjangoCon Europe 2011 videos online

A bit late to the game perhaps, since people already started tweeting links to the videos before me having time to actually link the videos to the talks. But hey, that shouldn’t spoil the game: The videos are now online, and can be found in te schedule on the details pages of all the talks, including the slides. For example to check out Eric Florenzano’s excellent opening keynote, check out this talk page. The video of Alex’ talk on monday is forthcoming.

I would like to use the opportunity to thank our Kryptonite sponsors, who made such a large contribution to DjangoCon Europe 2011, once more:

Fabrique: Who in addition to being a kryptonite sponsor also sponsored the cocktail bar on Monday and the massages/relaxing area on Tuesday.

I amsterdam: Who in addition to being a kryptonite sponsor also sponsored the free bikes for conference goers and the massages during both the sprint days.

A warm thank you from all of us.

DjangoCon Europe 2011 is now over

DjangoCon Europe 2011 is now over

We all had a great time learning new things from or co-Djangonauts and we managed to get a lot of work done on Django itself, in our castle. Now it is time to relax and get some sleep. We’ll be putting the conference videos and presentations online soon.

Internet connectivity at the sprints

Internet connectivity at the sprints

At the sprints, wifi connectivity will be available, but only using 802.11a and 802.11n in 5 GHz-only mode.

MacBooks have supported this for ages, and it’s a common feature on recent laptops of other brands as well. All model iPads support it too. Some devices, like the iPhone, only support 802.11n in 2.4 GHz mode, so they will not be able to connect.

If you have a laptop that does not support 802.11a or 802.11n 5 GHz, a wired network will be available. However, depending on the amount of attendees who need/want a wired network, we may end up short on patch cables. So, if you happen to have a patch cable, please bring it to the sprints. Thanks for helping out!

Please fill out our survey

We worked hard to make the conference as enjoyable and educational as possible, however we are humans, even Remco is, and we make mistakes. This is where you come in; to make sure we learn from our mistakes and also to make sure any future DjangoCons don’t make the same please fill out this survey.

DjangoCon Europe 2011 live stream

LiveStream via Ustream

Starting monday at 09:30 CET, DjangoCon Europe 2011 will be broadcasting live all presentations. You can tune in via Ustream using the DjangoCon Europe 2011 channel

Add your questions for the panels

Add your questions for the panels

We have set up Google moderators for the scalability panel and core developers panel where you can add your own questions and vote on the questions that have already been added.

Getting prepaid mobile internet in NL

Getting prepaid mobile internet in NL

UPDATE: when you register for the extra € 5 credit on My Vodafone, enter a (fake) Dutch address. One attendee was refused for registration when entering a foreign address, and was then refused for registration because his number was supposedly already registered.

Coming to DjangoCon from abroad? Mobile roaming is usually expensive, so if you want to use internet on your phone, it’s best to get a Dutch prepaid SIM card. For € 7.50, you can get 1 GB data. Tethering is technically not allowed, but they probably don’t actively check for this. The only option with acceptable pricing are two different SIM types from Vodafone.

Note: I have not tested these instructions myself. Use them at your own risk. This is all based on the Dutch Vodafone website. If you find any issues with them, please let me know :)

What to buy

Buy either one of these SIM cards:

  • Vodafone Prepaid SIM only Meerwaarderen (€ 7.50). This includes € 10 credit but does not include any data. Not available in microsim.
  • Vodafone Prepaid Smartphone Sim Only 1GB (€ 20). This includes € 10 credit and a 1 GB data package. Also available in microsim

If you don’t expect to do any calls home, the Meerwaarderen card is probably the better deal - because then you can pay the 1 GB data from the included credit.

The cards only come with € 5 credit, you can get the other € 5 by registering for My Vodafone.


If you got the Meerwaarderen card, you will have to get a data package:

  • 250MB for € 4.75 by texting internet basis aan to 4000, or by switching on “Internet Basis BloX” in My Vodafone
  • 1GB for € 7.25 by texting smartphone blox aan to 4000, or by switching on “Smartphone BloX” in My vodafone

The smartphone SIM already comes with the data package of 1GB.

If the data package expires, you will start paying 75 cents per 15 minutes for internet. I don’t know whether they send a warning about this.

I do not know whether you can buy a new data package within the same month, if your first expires. But in any case, you could just buy a new SIM and repeat the previous steps. I also don’t know whether you can get a data package of “smartphone blox” on the smartphone SIM, once you expired the initial 1GB.


If they were not already sent, get the internet settings by texting internet to 1300. If that fails: set the APN to, username and password to vodafone. Additional settings can be found on their website.

Other pricing

  • 30 cent/minute for calls within NL
  • 75 cent/minute for neighbhouring countries and North America
  • 85 cent/minute for Western Europe
  • 110 cent/minute for the rest of Europe
  • 185 cent/minute for the rest of the world
  • For international calls to mobile numbers: 26 cent/minute surcharge

For a € 9.50 one-time charge, using the “Voordeel naar Buitenland”, you will get 1 hour calling or 60 text messages to all countries on this list. I think you can only do this once a month. To enable, text naar buitenland aan to 4000.

For more information on pricing, see the complete pricing overview (only in Dutch).

Where to buy the SIM

To get an overview of places where you can buy the SIM, go to the Vodafone website and enter “1012AB”, “10 km” and “alle verkooppunten”. This will show you all the shops on a map focused on the city center. It will send you to generic stores, like Belcompany and The Phone House, and Vodafone-only shops. There’s quite a few within the city centre, so it should not be too difficult to find one. You may also find these shops at Schiphol Airport.

Buying additional credit

For extra credit, go to any of the shops that sell the SIM cards, or a supermarket like Albert Heijn (even the small ones in Central Station). But just buying another SIM might be cheaper, if you don’t care about keeping the number, because of the free credit you get.

Free bikes

Free bikes

The City of Amsterdam is offering participants of DjangoCon a free bike for the duration of the conference. You can collect a voucher on monday during lunch.

Conference available on Guidebook

Conference available on Guidebook

Guidebook is a mobile app for your iPhone or Android phone and can store information of any conference, such as the schedule, sponsor information and a map of the venues. You need to have an internet connection to download the conference information but once it’s downloaded, you can access it offline. Handy when you are from abroad!

Grab it here and look for the DjangoCon Europe 2011 guide once it’s installed.

Conference schedule posted

Conference schedule posted

It has been a while and a lot has happened. We’re past due for an update!


The conference schedule has been finalized; we are proud to present an interesting program on a wide variety of Django subjects.

You can now also submit entries for the lightning talks on the lightning talks page

Waiting list

The waiting list is full. Starting May 18th we will invite people who have subscribed to the waiting list on a first-come, first-served basis.

We’re also pleased to announce that the higher “Night Owl” rate has been cancelled; the waitlist tickets will be sold at the standard conference rate.


The Sprints are free for anyone to join. If you weren’t able to purchase a ticket but would love to spend some time with your fellow Djangonauts, the sprints are an excellent way of doing just that.

If you plan on taking part in the sprints, please let us know via the sprint subscription page.

If you’ve purchased tickets for the conference, you must still indicate that you’re staying for sprints by registering.

Space at the sprint venue is limited, and we’d like to accomodate the maximum number of participants. Registering helps us figure out how many sprinters are coming (and helps us to plan accordingly.)

See you soon!

Sold out

DjangoCon Europe 2011 is sold out

We are pleased to announce that DjangoCon Europe 2011 is now officially sold out. For those of you who have been unable to book a ticket, there is the possibility to add yourself to the waiting list. W’ll get in touch with you if tickets should become available.

You can add yourself to the waiting list on the waiting list page

It's alive

Houston, we have liftoff

We are pleased to announce that DjangoCon Europe 2011 is open for business. Tickets sales are underway, hotel reservations can be booked, and talk submissions are being accepted.


Unfortunately, this year we got off to a very late start with registration—our sincere apologies.

As a result, there are several deadlines already approaching. Notably, the conference hotels will only honor the special room rates if booked before Friday, April 1st. This is something we cannot control, and so we urge you to book your hotels in time to take advantage of the discounted rates.

  • Discounted hotel rooms available until: Friday, April 1st.
  • Early bird registration is available until: Friday, April 1st.
  • Regular rate is available until: Friday, May 13th.
  • Talk submission deadline is: Friday, April 15th.
  • Acceptance announcements are on: Sunday, May 1st.


This edition of DjangoCon will focus on advanced topics. If you have anything in-depth and interesting to present to your fellow Djangonauts, please submit a talk.


Additional sponsors for this year’s DjangoCon would be most welcome. If you (or someone you know) might be interested in supporting this prominent event in every djangonaut’s calendar, please have a look at the sponsor page.

One more thing…

Buying your tickets early helps twice: the conference organizers get a better picture of the finances and you enjoy a lower rate. Attendance anxiety is a leading cause of emotional meltdown among conference organizers; please help fight this awful disease by booking your tickets as early as possible.

We would like to thank the volunteers who have helped get us this far; their efforts are what make the conference awesome:

  • Joeri Bekker
  • Niels Bom
  • Jeroen Dekkers
  • Wim Feijen
  • Idan Gazit
  • Vincent Hillenbrink
  • Jannis Leidel
  • Yuri van der Meer
  • Gijs Molenar
  • Guyon Moree
  • Reinout van Rees
  • Klaas van Schelven
  • Remco Wendt

We hope to see you all in Amsterdam in June for the third edition of DjangoCon Europe! If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us at